Floral Decorating Tips For A Wedding Reception

If a wedding reception will be held outdoors underneath a canopy, fresh cut flowers will draw attention to the event and will provide festive and colorful decorations. The following tips will assist with decorating for an event with floral arrangements.

Covered Trellis

A wooden trellis can be erected in front of a canopy. Various flowers can be inserted between wooden slats. As guests arrive for a reception, their pictures can be taken as they are walking through a floral entrance way. A bride and groom may also wish to have their picture taken in front of a flower-covered trellis. After a reception has ended, flowers can be removed from a trellis and placed in a vase of water and set on top of a table or counter.

Lit Arrangements

After purchasing a variety of flowers, stems should be trimmed at an angle. Decorative bowls that will enhance tables should be selected. Pieces of foam can be cut that will fit inside of each bowl. Afterward, the stems of flowers can be inserted in the pieces of foam. Once foam pieces are covered with flowers, strands of battery-operated lights can be draped around the centerpieces. During a reception, the soft lighting that is emitted from each centerpiece will provide a dining area with increased visibility.

Living Centerpieces

Flowering plants that are contained inside of pots can be placed in the center of tables or along the edges of a canopy. Bright-colored flowers that complement furnishings and decor that are being used underneath a canopy will draw attention to each display. As long as plants receive plenty of water on the day of a reception, they will maintain their appearance and won’t be at risk of wilting. When a reception is drawing to a close, potted plants can be given to guests so that they can continue to enjoy them when they get home.

Flowers & Fancies and other florists offer a wide range of flowers and plants. Floral decorations can be customized to each customer’s wishes. Floral arrangements make great gifts for weddings, receptions, birthdays and graduations and will arrive fresh when they are dropped off to a recipient.