How to Bring Learning to a Child’s Bedroom Décor

Home décor is a personal topic, because tastes and design needs vary so differently and drastically from one person to the next. However, all parents can agree that they want educational elements in their kiddo’s bedroom décor. So, to give you a jumpstart, here are a few creative ideas to bring learning to a child’s bedroom or playroom designs.


Use Educational Elements in Wall Décor

Wall décor, like wallpaper border, murals, and peel-and-stick wall decals, can be used to your advantage when incorporating educational elements into a child’s bedroom. The basics for kids are letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, so strive to find decals and décor with a focus on one of those topics. Learning is mostly about repetition, and children will be educated as they see and study the décor on a daily basis.

Incorporate a Child’s Favorite Educational Characters in Room Design

Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse, Diego—all of these characters are educational and encouraging to children. From colors and shapes, to lessons on adventure, exploration, and different languages, there’s a bunch that kids could learn about from characters like these. Incorporate your kiddo’s favorite into their room design via wall decals, window stickers, or even a themed bookshelf.

Use Variations of a Child’s Favorite Colors

Colors are so stimulating to the mind, and they are linked with multiple feelings. Blue, for instance, is soothing peaceful. While red might evoke feelings of love, or even anger, depending on the person. For your kiddo, their feelings haven’t yet developed enough to be associated with colors, but colorful room décor could help that along.

When in Doubt, Build Around a Theme

Themes are a great idea for children’s room décor because you can pick something and build around it—kind of like a focus. For instance, if you pick a central theme, like Disney, you could go anywhere with that. You could go in the direction of Disney princesses, rife with courage, bravery, and love. Or, you could go the direction of Pixar characters, that are often animals with amazing backstories.

In today’s world, you can bring educational elements into any avenue of your child’s life. From the things they watch on television, to the décor they see in their bedroom, strive to keep a continuous flow of learning aspects available to your babe at all times. You could even find a contractor today that would be willing to contribute creative ideas to the build and décor of your kiddo’s educational bedroom design.