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Smoking has always had a negative view towards non smokers, however, a newer and better form paved its way showing a more positive view, which is called vaping. A vape is like an electronic cigarette which was created more than a decade ago. It is, however, not FDA approved despite being a less harmful alternative to tobacco smoking.

The device for vaping has three basic parts inlcluding the battery, e-juice and the cartridge. The battery can be charged and used either automatic or manually. It is very handy as all you need to do is charge the battery anywhere with its port feature. The device works when the turn on button on the e-cigarette is pressed which charges the battery and then heats the atomizer inside making the liquid turn into a vapor when puffed.

Held inside the cartridge is the atomizer, which is responsible for turning the vape juice into a vapor. The vape cloud is what makes the experience interesting and fun. You can buy an empty cartridge or cig-a-likes that have pre-filled cartridges. A vape session can be fun if you enjoy it with the vape juice that you like.

Some people call the vape juice as e-juice or e-liquid. Any unimaginable flavors you can think of is being sold in stores for vaping such as menthol, coffee and candy flavors. Tobacco e-liquid is available as well giving those traditional smokers the same feeling without putting toxins into their body.Sooner and later, the smokers will then try to explore more flavors because they are not craving anymore for the tobacco taste and smell.

The vape juice is made up of flavoring, nicotine and water. By those ingredients alone, you can conclude that vaping is better than tobacco smoking. You will not have to deal with carbon monoxide and other toxins.A vape juice can be mixed depending on preference, especially on how much nicotine will be added by the user.

To get that traditional way of smoking, mini sized e-cigarettes are being sold also. Later on, they would change from the mini type to other sizes and types of e-cigarette.

The vape pen is another device and known to be the most popular type. It has a thick and long tube. A box mod is another device that can last for a long time. Disposable vape pens are also available.

Vaping does not need the use of an ashtray or lighters. Vaping behind four walls is allowed in some places, and to make the moment last, mixing vape juices can really make the experience even more fun.

Cancer is very common nowadays and many of the cases are due to inhalation of dangerous chemicals which are present in tobacco cigarettes. A billion people have become smokers wherever in the world and that can potentially lead to exposure to toxic chemicals which can lead to death in the future. It can be changed though with vaping.

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