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Most Common Types of Flat Irons for your Hair

As a woman, you can’t deny the fact that you’ll take as much time as possible to look at your best before you take on the outside world. And there’s no way to achieve that if your hair isn’t close to perfection. However, you also are aware that there are bad hair days, which you really can’t prevent from happening. Fortunately, you can totally avoid bad hair days if you invest in a pair of high quality flat irons.

Nowadays, flat irons have become a necessity for women who can never dare go out in public without their hairs fixed. Obviously the most important attribute of this styling equipment is that you get to use it for whatever hairstyle you want for the day, including straightening it, curling, or waving the same. The truth is if you buy your first ever pair of flat irons, you might get easily overwhelmed by it because of the many different choices and varieties. So, it makes perfect sense to at least have some knowledge as to your most common options.

1 – Ceramic Straightener
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This is hands down the most popular option today and for good reason; the ceramic plate used in this version is proven very effective in straightening hair. Ceramic plate is naturally ideal for holding up the heat really well and it can heat up very fast.
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2 – Titanium

A durable and relatively new variant of flat iron is made from titanium plates. Accordingly, it is considered as an upgrade to the ceramic version for the reason that it conducts negative ions better than ceramic. It is believed that titanium flat irons are best used for hair that’s overly exposed to extreme weather conditions and static.

3 – Tourmaline Straightener

The reason why you should seriously consider investing in a tourmaline straightener, even though it is slightly more expensive, is because it is considered as the least damaging of all the types. Although it’s literally just made of ceramic plates, tourmaline actually is quoted with crushed gemstones, which in turn allows a convenient slipping down of the styling tool in just one pass, making sure that there will be no unwanted damage to the hair caused by going over and over it.

4 – Professional Flat Irons

Now if you feel like those three we mentioned aren’t enough for your needs, how about an obviously more expensive professional hair straightener? If you choose this variety, you expect to pay an additional $60 to $100 for one. But the expensive price tag does come with better quality and added features.

Finally, don’t forget to read reviews about the brands you’re considering since it’s the best way to determine the level of satisfaction from its current users.